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A 21-year-old creating a legacy with his ice cream shop

Iceburg Ice Cream remains open during the winter season

ALBANY, Indiana--- For many seniors in high school, college is on the top of their minds. For Cameron Thornburg, starting a business was his.

“Everyone thought I was crazy of course,” Cameron said. 

Cameron started making food at local farmer’s markets.

“We made bread, jam and jelly,” he said. 

But his menu changed from fresh to frozen with the help of a machine over four times his age. 

“We started building this ice cream maker that was 96 years old,” he said. 

Once he found the perfect recipe, everyone wanted to try it. Now, it is sold in many local businesses.

“People started asking to buy it, so we bought a concession trailer and parked it most days before we owned the building,” he said. 

But this journey for him was not this easy.

“Cameron has had some hard times and some medical issues and he jumped right in,” Denise Thornburg, Cameron’s mom said. 

After opening the doors to Iceburg Ice Cream in 2021, Cameron spends most days creating new flavors for his ice cream. They range from the classics, to having an entire pie mixed in.

The support for Cameron and his shop has not only been inside the restaurant, as he has gained a large social media following. 

“Everyone has been very supportive,” he said.

With this growing support, a 21-year-old business owner, a 96-year-old machine, and a 2-year-old business is building a legacy.

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