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Toys for Tots accepting donations

Local Fire Stations provides donations boxes for Toys for Tots

MUNCIE, Ind. --- Toys for Tots drive is a charity that donations go directly to the mission by providing toys, books and other gifts for families in need. 

The program is staffed entirely through volunteers, for those that want to give back to their community. 

As families can participate based on the qualifications for federal assistance. As registration can be set up through the Salvation Army on Wheeling Avenue. 

Toys for Tots maintains the happiness for ages 0-12, however, the charity accepts anything for older children up to the age of 16. 

Kevin Gibson, a firefighter for the fire department and chairmen for Toys for Tots has expressed his gratitude for this year’s event. 

“Our goal this year is to make sure there is not a child who goes without something for Christmas,” Gibson said. 

Partnering with the Salvation Army, the fire department has also worked with Meridian Health Services and the Department of Child Services to expand help for the community. 

“Now we have reached out and we’re working with D.C.S. and Meridian Services here at Delaware County,” Gibson said, “just trying to get a further reach for our program and help more people.” 

Families that need toys, books and other gifts for Christmas can sign up at the Salvation Army on Nov. 1-4 and 8-11. 

In addition, registration begins from 10 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., with extended hours on Tuesdays until 7 p.m. 

To learn more about Toys for Tots and their events, visit www.cityofmuncie.com 

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