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The dark side of Muncie

Tales from the dark side of Muncie’s local history

MUNCIE, Ind.-- From murders at the Ball Brothers factory, to encounters with a headless horseman, there is no doubt that Muncie and Delaware County have had some scary hauntings and happenings in their past. One program was held in hopes of providing the Muncie area with some of its scary history. 

Back for their third year in a row “Eerie Muncie” took place at the Ball State Alumni Center and virtually via. Zoom on Oct. 26 from 6 to 7 p.m. The event presented historical information about tales from Muncie and Delaware County’s spooky past.  

Sarah Allison, the Head of Archives and User Engagement, enjoyed listening to the stories and history while working at the event. 

“My favorite part is the weird, dark tales that we get to hear, and our community members really love to hear these tales too,” Allison said. 

The program was open to the public and was put on by the E. B and Bertha C. Ball Center as well as a collaboration with the Delaware County Historical Society, Muncie Public Library, and the University Libraries Archives and special collections. 

The last two years Eerie Muncie has been held completely virtual. 

“This is our first year in-person that we have done. Most of our community presentations have all been on Zoom,” Allison said. 

 If you missed the event and you are interested, the video recordings are archived on YouTube under Ball State University Library’s page! For more information, you can click right here “Eerie Muncie". 

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