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Sorority bake sale

Phi Mu gives back to organization

MUNCIE, Ind.--- Eyeball cake pops and candy corn cookies could be found at the Scramble Light for Halloween. Phi Mu Sorority hosted a bake sale open to all passerbys looking to celebrate the holiday with some tasty treats. 

While cookies and cake pops are always fun, Phi Mu had a bigger reason for selling their spooky snacks. The bake sale was part of a fundraiser to raise money for Phi Mu Foundation. 

Zoe Olesker, current philanthropy chair for Phi Mu on campus and member of the collegiate leadership council for Phi Mu foundation, explains what the organization is.

“Phi Mu Foundation is a member specific organization to benefit members of Phi Mu,” said Olesker.

The money from the bake sale will contribute to the various different member specific needs such as “membership assistance for emergency situations such as hurricane Ian, funds scholarships, historic preservations and leadership programing,” says Olesker. 

The services provided to members of Phi Mu have impacted many members of the sorority and even some here at Ball State. 

Olesker explains why giving back means so much to her and other members of Phi Mu.

“It’s really just a great opportunity to give back to the members that specifically need it, so it's especially special to us… to fund the things that help members in our chapter,” said Olesker. 

Phi Mu holds activities other than just the spooky bake sale. 

“We try to do an event once a semester, it’s a little bit tough coming back from covid this semester so we’re hoping to ramp it up in the spring,” said Olesker. 

We don’t know yet what Phi Mu has planned to help give back this spring, but it’s going to be big. 

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