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School of Art: Print sale

School of Art students host an event to sell their artwork

MUNCIE, Ind. — After not being around for the past couple years, Ball State School of Art students began to host their print sale. 

The first event took place today, Nov. 28, from 9 a.m to 4 p.m. in the Atrium, right next to the main staircases. This event will now take place once a semester to give the art students multiple chances to sell their art. 

At the event, they sold prints, photographs, drawings and more work from 2-D students in the Ball State School of Art. The leaders goal for this event was to teach the students how to properly sell, promote and market their artwork. If an individual’s piece gets sold, they directly get the money through venmo, cash app or cash. 

Riley Sims is a Ball State Student that is the leader of this event and this is what she expressed about the event. 

“I kind of like to call it a yard sale, we all came together to put it together, and different people come up and we work different shifts to make this happen,” Sims said. 

Christian Collis, a Ball State Student a part of the School of Art, shared his experience with his personal work in the event. 

“I've really loved being able to sell my art because it's a great opportunity for people to be able to see what I can do and all the hard work I have put in here at Ball State's School of Art,” Collis Said. 

Bella Hauser, a Ball State student, shares her thoughts about the event after buying artwork for herself. 

“There were so many things that I wish I had bought. There are some really cool pieces and everyone is so talented. I ended up going with the Heart drop, it's honestly one of my favorites. I love being able to support my classmates.” Hauser said. 

The print sale will be in the Atrium tomorrow and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., so be sure to go check out students' work.

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