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School of Art holds open house at Ball State

A display of students’ work

MUNCIE, Ind.---The Ball State School of Art hosts an open house event Friday. This event gives Ball State students in the School of Art an opportunity to display and demonstrate their arts and crafts. 

The open house provides people an opportunity to see what happens in the art studios and even participate. The on-campus studios are located in three buildings: the Art and Journalism Building, Applied Technology Building and the Glick Center for Glass.

“I have six large-scale paintings in my studio right now,” said Ball State senior Kat Edwards, who is one of many students who display artwork at the open house.

The Art and Journalism Building features focus areas such as ceramics, painting, animation, and more. 

“It can be really informative - again - to know how they [artists] work, what sort of things might go into making a painting - or a drawing - and what sort of things to expect if you’re going to be a painting or drawing major,” Edwards said.

In addition, the Glick Center for Glass gives guests the opportunity to watch glass-blowing demonstrations, and the Applied Technology Building offers t-shirt screen printing.

“I am so excited because our students have been working so hard all semester, and it’s an opportunity for us to show off all the amazing work that they’ve [students] been doing,” Ball State Assistant Professor of Art Audrey Barcio said, “and also talk about our really great programs that we have here at Ball State - such as painting - which is what I currently teach here at Ball State.”

The duration of the event is from 4-8 p.m.

“I’m really excited to talk to different students that are considering coming to Ball State and seeing what unique possibilities that we have here and talk with their parents about different options,” Barcio said.

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