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Locked Groove Records hosts live performance

The record store hosted its first live show Thursday.

MUNCIE, Ind.---  Locked Groove Records (LGR), at 519 N. Martin Street in Muncie, opened their first live show Thursday night from 6:30-10 p.m. Owner, Celeste Outen, opened the business in July of 2022. This was after the previous owner of the building, Travis Harvey, moved his record company, Village Green Records, to Alabama.

The lineup of bands included two from Muncie, Second Hand Denim and Golden Alley. Other performances included Cairo Jag and The Breaks from Indianapolis and Sundame from Lafayette.

Outen has been organizing the event with the help of LGR planner David Maginity. Maginity was brought on due to his work with planning venues across various Muncie venues. He met Outen in the LGR parking lot after stopping by to help organize a show.

“It was funny because they weren’t even here. When I came up to the door, and as I was leaving, they [Outen and her partner] pulled up, and said ‘It’s like somebody sent you, because we’ve been wanting to put up shows and have music here for a while now,” Maginity said. “Ever since then we’ve been trying to figure out how to show music here.”

Outen and Maginity both explained that they wanted to throw shows in order to bring together music fans both young and old in the community and highlight local bands. Outen is hopeful to have more shows in the future

“There’s a lot going on in the Muncie music scene right now. There’s a lot of bands popping up, and I would love to be another venue for them to perform, and for students and Muncie locals to come see what kind of talent we have here,” Outen said.

“You need to support your local artists and you need to support your local vendors and musicians,” Maginity said. “They’re pouring their hearts and souls out to you guys and they are spending their time doing what they love, and as a community it is our responsibility and moral duty to help perpetuate things like this.”

Apart from local shows, LGR also has an alternative taste to offer in terms of music. They hope it will be attractive to the community.

“There’s something for everybody here,” Outen said, “It also encourages people to listen to something new.”

Locked Groove Records is open every Friday and Saturday from 12-7 p.m. For more information on their next shows or events, you can follow them on Instagram @lockedgrooverecords.

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