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Lafollette’s brick giveaway

Lafollette Complex in its final stages of demolition.

MUNCIE, Ind.--- The demolition of Lafollette Complex started back in 2017 and is now just entering its final stages. To honor its former residents, Ball State University is holding a brick giveaway on Facebook. 

Ball State wanted to give every cardinal the chance to keep a piece of Lafollette forever. This location holds a special place in one cardinal’s heart that has even led to memories of alumni finding their love in the building.

Rachel Selke, a Ball State alumni, met her husband in the elevator the day she moved into Lafollette. Her husband, Alex Martenies, was a resident assistant in Lafollette at the time. 

“He made a pickup joke in the elevator referencing the movie Finding Nemo, ‘You’re a-dory-able,’” Selke said. “I was like ‘oh okay he’s cute. I’ll allow it.’”

The couple now has a daughter, has been together for eight years and has celebrated their fifth year being married. She says when she looks back at her time at Ball State, it all started off so well because of living in Lafollette.

Selke spent one year living in Lafollette while majoring in art and education. She is now a teacher in Bloomington, Indiana.

Selke also spoke some of her thoughts and advice on the stereotype of college relationships not lasting. 

“Relationships in general…you get out of it what you put into it,” Selke said. 

She also says that having similar or the same values and being willing to communicate about hurdles can bring out good outcomes for relationships.

To enter the memorable giveaway, Ball State cardinals must follow, share and comment on their favorite memory from Lafollette. Cardinals are jumping on it fast, and the post has already surpassed 300 comments, likes and shares. Winners will be the 10 comments with the most reactions at noon on Nov. 21.

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