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Inclusive excellence subcommittee leads first meeting discussing diversity and inclusion concerns in Department Theatre and Dance

Students come together to bring forward ideas for resolutions

MUNCIE, Ind.--- Ball State’s Inclusive Excellence Subcommittee shared and sat down their first town hall meeting with students to bring concerns to light that are happening in the Department of Theater and Dance. 

The committee consists of students who work closely with faculty to communicate and present solutions to problems in the department. It also heavily empowers students to use their voice. 

The first meeting focused on issues people of color are facing in this community. Students were able to express how personal experiences from class or working in productions have left them to feel. 

Some even said they were “feeling not wanted” from the lack of inclusion and their thoughts on how much diversity that’s sometimes presented in the environment.  Students also touched on the importance of designers’ job when handling tasks for example, costumes or makeup, when working on people of color. 

Even if you were unable to make it tonight, subcommittee member Myles Keys encourages students to continue to raise their voices.

“If you are very much comfortable with saying whatever is on your mind too, wherever the issue took place, then do that. We encourage students in a respectful and productive manner obviously to do just that,” said Keys. 

The committee and students themselves motivate each other to stand up and set boundaries. Everyone worked together to come up with solutions to bring awareness to the faculty on what needs improvement. 

 Future meetings were discussed but not finalized yet, but you can keep a lookout on the BSU Theatre and Dance instagram @bsutheatredance.

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