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Ball State Women's Basketball: First home game

The lady Cardinal getting ready for their first game of the season.

MUNCIE, Ind.--- Ball State Women’s Basketball returned to the court with an impressive 83-40 win over Wheeling University. 

Head Coach, Brady Sallee, was excited about the team’s performance, especially with the newer cardinals on his squad.

“It wasn’t just like returners making these plays, you know Sydney Bolden shot in and stole the ball on roll help. Hana Muhl did the same thing. These are freshmen that are doing this for the first time with the smell of popcorn in the air and it was exciting to see those guys play so well,” said Coach Sallee. 

Even though it was only an exhibition, both Senior Ally Becki and Sophomore Anna Clephane, were grateful to be back on the court, but for different reasons.

“I mean it felt great to be back. Especially with having all our pieces, but it feels good. Feels just like last year,” Becki said. 

Anna Clephane was back on the court after a devastating knee injury sidelined her last year after only 13 games. 

“Like Coach Sallee said, the work that has been put in is more than I can explain. It just feels surreal to be back out there and I am just ecstatic,” Clephane said.

With the season just beginning and a long road ahead Coach Sallee knows it is important for the players to be invested from the start to get where they want to go.

“It might look different from game to game, match-up to match-up, but as long as the players buy into what we are doing then it will be a strength of ours for sure,” Sallee said. 

Ball State’s next game is set for Nov. 7 as the Cardinals travel to Tennessee Tech to take on the Golden Eagles at 7 P.M.

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