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Annual student honors council haunted house

The SHC hosts a haunted house to contribute to Ball State Halloween festivities.

MUNCIE, Ind.--- With Halloween just days away, Ball State’s Student Honors Council (SHC) was on a mission to send chills down your spine with their biggest event, the annual haunted house.

The event was hosted on Oct. 25, from 7 p.m- 8 p.m. at the Ball Honors House. The theme this year was entitled “Forest of Fear!” The house was decorated with cobwebs, vines, fog and trees, which believe it or not was one of the creepiest parts of the house.

“You just never knew what was going to jump out of them and it was terrifying,” freshman Macey Johnson said.

While in the house, students encountered clowns, zombies, werewolves and so much more. SHC worked together with some members in the acting and theater department to help bring the house to life. President of the SHC, Olivia Vincent, spoke about all of the creative freedoms involved in putting on an event like this.

“We get to design it all. We pick the name and we pick the rooms. We did a lot of crafting this year, we picked our own costumes and makeup,”  Vincent said.

The haunted house was a completely free event for Ball State students. All students had to do was sign a waiver before they entered. SHC also offered a pre-registration on Benny Link for those who wanted to skip the line and enjoy the haunt. 

“It was nice to just be able to go right in. I went through it multiple times with friends and it was great,” sophomore Aubrey Grace said.

This event was a great way to bring Ball State students together and worked to embody the true spirit of Halloween. Even the rainy weather did not seem to get in the way of all the fun for some students.

“I’m just really trying to enjoy my last year doing this no matter what. I’ve been in SHC since my freshman year and this haunted house we’ve done since forever. It’s always a fan favorite,” Vincent said. 

The Student Honors Council is always looking for new members to help put on next year's event. You can follow them on Instagram @bsusjc to keep up with all their events.

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