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Whitely Community Council hosts food pantry

The food pantry returns to the Harvest Church in Muncie

MUNCIE, Ind.---The Whitely Community Council hosted its monthly food pantry Thursday to provide goods to the Whitely neighborhood and communities nearby.

Most of the neighborhood is in a food desert due to the lack of grocery stores in the community. Due to the lack of access, the pantry operates to relieve residents suffering from food insecurity.

“We typically help about 150 families each month,” Whitely Community Council Executive Director Ken Hudson said.

The pantry is open the third Thursday of every month from 4-6 p.m. and is located at the Harvest Church in Muncie.

“Our goal is to supply what people are missing that will get them through the month,” Hudson said. “We try to always have proteins, grains, vegetables and different things like that – as well as cabinet food items like dry pastas, and canned goods and different things like that.”

The Whitely Community Council is a non-profit organization that operates and serves in the Whitely neighborhood in Muncie.

The Whitely neighborhood, which is historically African American, has around 3,000 residents.

“We have people that come here on bicycles, they walk, they push their little carts because in today’s economy, people need to eat - we need food - and it’s kind of hard out there right now,” Ana McCallum said.

To volunteer, contact the Whitely Community Council at whitelycc@gmail.com or by phone at (765) 287-5392.

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