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New club on campus

The Disc Junkies hosted their first meeting this past Wednesday

MUNCIE, Ind.--- Last year in December, Ball State student KC King started a new club called the Disc Junkies. This past Wednesday, the Junkies held their first meeting in the Student Center on the second floor. 

King started this club because she wanted a chance to deliberate with her fellow students about music. 

“I started this organization, so I’m the founder and president. I decided to start this club because I really like talking about music and music itself,” King said.

The Junkies meet once a month in the Student Center the first week of every month. This semester their focus is on rap around the world. They will be discussing and analyzing rap of all ethnicities and genres.

“I just hope that we can reach a wider audience and get people from all different types of backgrounds and majors to get together to talk about music,” King said. “I think having this club with a larger audience, where it’s all majors and anyone that’s just interested in music period, will just really help to broaden the conversations we have about albums.” 

It is clear that King hopes her club will continue to grow as the semester continues. When thinking of a description to really capture what the club means to her, King described it as a book club but for music. 

If you're interested in joining the club, you can reach out to them on their Instagram at “discjunkies_bsu”.

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