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Muncie man charged with battery, neglect of 14-month-old

Child in the case sustained severe injuries

MUNCIE, Ind.--A Muncie man has been charged with battery and neglect after a 14-month-old in his care was found with multiple injuries.

19-year-old Bradley Joe Kiger was arrested in November of 2021 after the child was hospitalized. As the investigation continued, he was later released.

On Thursday, Kiger was charged with two counts of battery and one count of neglect resulting in serious injury.

The child's mother, 19-year-old Brittani Grove, was also charged with two counts of neglect of a dependent. Police say she has not been booked yet.

Doctors at Ball Memorial say the child had multiple injuries including several bruises over her body, a human bite mark on her arm and brain bleed.

Investigators also say the mobile home they lived in had, “very poor living conditions.” Court documents noted the condition of where the child lived.

“There was garbage in the kitchen, three bags full of garbage and diapers, bugs and flies crawling all over the kitchen, with dirty dishes in the sink. The residence smelled of garbage and was cluttered and the carpet was filthy in every room. The residence was a mobile home and had two bedrooms on either end of the home.”

Investigators also noted that a loaded shotgun was within reach of the child.

“During the search of this residence, we found a Remington shotgun, between the kitchen bar and the bed, in front of where [redacted] and [redacted] were on the bed. This shotgun was loaded with one slug in the chamber and two more in the tube. The gun safety was off and this firearm was in a place that [redacted] could have accessed the firearm.”

Authorities also say that the home was being heated by an “electric stove being turned on and a fan blowing heat throughout the residence, causing a danger to [redacted] and [redacted].”

Kiger denies being responsible for the injuries. Trial dates have not been set.

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