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Keep animals safe this halloween with cautious decor

Having unsafe Halloween decorations could be harmful to animals

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) – Since halloween is only six days away...some last minute preparations are being made. Whether it be quick decor or some pumpkins on the porch, Nicole Harmon of Humane Indiana shared a few tips on how to display your Halloween decorations safely. 

"Every year, Humane Indiana wildlife sees several patients that come into the rehab center who have been negatively affected by halloween decorations,” Harmon said. 

In terms of outdoor decorations, Harmon says to be careful of your use of fake cobwebs on trees or bushes since some animals hide inside. Bleached pumpkins should be out of reach of animals in case they get eaten. Decor with stakes shouldn't block pathways for critters. By taking these precautions, you're getting rid of potential dangers in your yard. 

"Still certainly decorate anyway that you want outside with the exception of that spider webbing. Be cautious of how long you keep those items up,” Harmon said. “I would definitely check it everyday."

There is still time to rethink some decor, whether you're putting it up or discarding it. Harmon advises throwing away pumpkins in a garbage can, and refrain from leaving things uncovered at the curb. 

"There are several outlets you can use to be able to give a second life to dispose of those Halloween decorations like those pumpkins or those gourds we put out,” Harmon said. “It's just making sure we keep them away from roads so we keep our wildlife out of the roads."

To learn more about Humane Indiana, visit their website here

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