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FMA pop-up shop

Second-hand clothing shop hosted by the fashion merchandise association

MUNCIE, Ind.--- With Halloween right around the corner, many spend their time shopping for costumes; but others are shopping for vintage and second-hand clothing. Located right off campus in the village, Ball State’s Fashion Merchandise Association (FMA) is hosting a pop-up shop full of recycled and donated clothing. 

FMA President, Maureen Kirk, said she’s excited to see the response from the community now that the shop has finally come together.

“The response we’ve gotten today has been amazing. We have had 30 people within the first 15 minutes of opening, and then we sold a good amount of clothes within that time too, which was really cool,” said Kirk. “Everybody keeps coming up to congratulate me and let me know how good it looks, it just warms my heart to see it turn out so well.” 

Students are encouraged to donate their unwanted clothes throughout the semester in effort to promote recycling, as well as showing support to university organizations like the FMA. Kirk said this is a great opportunity to bring something unique and exciting to the community.

“I feel like the shop provides a place for students to come together during the week, creating something that’s really unique and may not be able to be seen anywhere else,” said Kirk. 

The FMA pop-up shop is the perfect place for fashion lovers to explore their style and take a dive into the thrifting side of buying clothes. Ball State student and fashion major, Chris Navarro, was eager to see what the shop had to offer. 

“I was ready to shop, and I was super excited to see people in our community come together,” said Navarro. “I love to see people come together to shop and express their love for fashion. It’s nice to see everyone donate their items and give back to the community around us.”

The shop is located at 1611 W University Ave, Muncie, Indiana, 47303 and is open from 2 p.m. – 7 p.m., October 26th-28th. 

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