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Cardinal Central: the new one-stop shop for students

Ball State combines five departments into one

MUNCIE, Ind.--- Registrar, Financial Aid Services, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Retention and Graduation. These are all services provided by Ball State University. Cardinal Central combines all the departments to make a one-shop stop for students and parents.

Cardinal Central is a new service for Ball State students that started on Oct. 17. The new service allows for students to get all financial, registration and graduation questions answered in one place.          

Director of Cardinal Central, Debra Fenty, started working at Ball State this January. She has over 10 years of experience with one-stop services in other universities.

Fenty said every university is different, and she is enjoying getting to know the students and staff at Ball State. Fenty oversees Cardinal Central operations and facilitates cross-training for the staff.

“It’s very exciting to come in on the ground floor and have some ideas,” Fenty said.  

Gloria Quiroz Pavlik, Director of Enrollment Support Services for Cardinal Central, said Cardinal Central will especially be useful for parents.

“This is trying to get rid of what we call the Ball State bounce… it’s very likely if you have that question, we would be able to answer it with the cross-training team,” said Pavlik.

Ball State bounce occurs when students or parents get bounced around to different offices to complete one goal.            

While right now Cardinal Central is leaving the questions to the specialized workers, in the future they hope to cross-train every employee on all parts of Cardinal Central.

Cardinal Central plans to create a permanent office in the Student Center. The office is set to be ready in 2023.

For now, the frontline, which includes financial aid help, is in Lucina Room 245. Programming and withdrawals can be done in Student Center L20. The Cardinal Central is also doing virtual services.

Fenty and Pavlik both encourage student response and feedback on the new service. Fenty said students can get online, go to the portal, live chat, set up a virtual appointment or visit in person with no appointment needed.

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