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1000 Flags of Honor

The Exchange Club of Muncie is helping build a better community one event at a time

MUNCIE, Ind. –  Engulfed in a sea of red, white and blue, the Minnetrista Museum and Gardens center hosts the annual Flags of Honor event in partnership with the Exchange Club of Muncie on Sept.4-11.

“Our main goal for this project is to honor those who serve and protect America…but also this acts as a fundraiser,” explains the closing ceremony coordinator and Exchange Club of Muncie’s immediate past president, Dr. Jeff Heavilon.

With over 1000 American flags to choose from, community members are encouraged to purchase a ribbon, which they can display on a flag to honor loved ones. The money collected from ribbons and flag sponsorships is donated to organizations chosen by the Exchange Club. 

“Our four founding principles are Americanism, community service, prevention of child abuse, and opportunities for youth. Those are the things we support with our donations,” says Dr. Heavilon. The organizations chosen by the Exchange Club include Prevent Child Abuse of Delaware County, Delaware County Veteran Affairs Office, and Firefly (kids bureau).

The Exchange Club of Muncie’s mission is to “exchange and inspire communities to become a better place to live,” as stated on their website in the “About” section. Their events and donations reflect everything they stand for.

“Every time those flags go up I get butterflies,” says the CEO and the President of Minnetrista Museum and Gardens, Betty Brewer. Promoting change one step at a time, the Exchange Club is helping Muncie build a better community.

Exchange Club meetings are held every Thursday, from 11:30 am - 1 pm at the Knights of Columbus building. For more information, visit http://muncieexchangeclub.com/

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