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Tenants gather together to protest ‘unsafe living conditions'

People holding signs getting ready for the protest to walk through the Village

MUNCIE, Ind.---The chants of “people over profit, people over property” could be heard loudly in the Village Saturday.

Past and present tenants of BSURentals and Middletown Properties rallied outside of the leasing office, sharing their concern of the conditions of their homes. The rally organized by the Party for Socialism and Liberation gave people the chance to share their stories about the homes they rented.

This coming after many Facebook posts and complaints were sent to the rental company but feeling like they were getting no action in return.

PSL and the tenants in attendance plan on going to city council meetings and continuing rallies in the city, until they feel that their voices will be heard. 

“I think that it was a no brainer for us to come out and try to put it together because everyone was putting petitions together and we need to initialize it and we need to make sure all of the voices are heard,” Cheyenne Brooks, PSL member said. 

NewsLink Indiana reached out to BSURentals multiple times for comment but never received a response. 

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