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President Mearns announces new virtual program: Ball State Plus

President Mearns sits down with head coaches and host for the first episode of Ball State Plus

MUNCIE, Ind.- Ball State University President, Geoffrey Mearns, has announced a new virtual program, “Ball State Plus,” which gives viewers an inside look into the university.

The first episode of the series, “State of Ball State,” was hosted by award winning journalist and BSU alumni, Sandra Chapman, featuring BSU’s men’s and women’s basketball head coaches. Tonight’s episode discussed the changes to the university in the last few years and ones for the future.

President Mearns says they are in the process of building “one of the most beautiful outdoor amphitheaters in all of central Indiana so we can have outdoor performances.” It is also planned for a performing arts center to be built on The Village.

Recent Construction is not the only thing helping the university bloom; it’s also the contributions from alumni. President Mearns expressed gratitude to working alumni for helping to make this possible.

“The campus facilities were just a part of what makes Ball State special, [including] the values, the character, the culture and the commitment of our alumni.”

Coach Michael Lewis, former Indiana University player and UCLA coach, is back in his home state taking on the role as the head coach of Ball State’s men’s basketball team. Chapman dives into why he chose to come to Ball State.

“It means everything to come back to a state that I grew up in and where I played the game,” Lewis said. “Honestly, when I was looking at situations, I wanted to find a president that believes in athletics and what it can do for the overall health of the university.”

Lewis is thankful to have known Coach Sallee, a long term and winning coach of the women’s basketball team. Both coaches use their experience as coaches to help each other. They also shared their expectations for their teams this season.

“We’ve got a really good basketball team this year. I’m not afraid to talk about winning championships with this group. I think we’ve got the talent, we’ve got the mind, we’ve got better leadership and we’ve got exciting talent all the way up and down our roster. This is the deepest group I’ve had,” Coach Sallee said.

To learn more about details at Ball State, information can be found on the program’s social media accounts. They look forward to seeing viewers on future Ball State Plus programs.

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