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New Ball State Economics Club research begins

Students meet to discuss economic research

MUNCIE, Ind.- A little over a month into the new school year, the Ball State Economics Club breaks out into new research.

Literary and data research is furthering students' knowledge about the economic field. Owen Holzbach, a member of the Economics Club, talks about his research and what the Economics Club is really about.  

“Everybody that’s in the group has their own research topic,” Holzbach said. 

They are able to work with many types of research studies, such as central banking, multinational corporations and even sports economics. They are able to do this with the help of Institute for the Study of Political Economics (ISPE), which Holzbach states “provides great opportunities to students.”

Holzach’s research is focusing on central banking, where the main focus is on literary research, rather than other studies that rely on data. 

“We set the guide stone of this as the best possible and we can compare the present situation to what's actually ideal,” Holzach said. 

After reading countless books and research written, “Ultimately our goal is to publish it,” Holzach said.

Despite the misleading name to non-economics majors, the Economics Club deals with more than just economics. Philosophy and politics are also topics they focus on during their time reading and collecting data. They meet in the Whitinger Business Building: Room 139. 

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