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Muncie skatepark opening in 2023

A preview of what to look for in Muncie’s new skatepark

MUNCIE, Ind.--- Muncie can look forward to a new skatepark in 2023, due to some community members pushing for it for over five years. 

Todd Swackhamer and Josh Perkins are among some Muncie residents to make this happen.

“There are children who want to go out and skateboard, bicycle motocross (BMX), and they do not have a place,” Perkins said. 

The skatepark will officially be located in West Side Park and will connect to the trail system. It is set to be over 15,000 square feet. Construction will begin in the summer of 2023 and it will take two to three months to complete the concrete structures. 

There is currently a code in Muncie, that prohibits skateboarding on public property in the city. This new project will give people a place to go. 

“If your city does not have a skatepark, the city is your skatepark,” Perkins said.

Hunger Skateparks, located in Bloomington, Indiana, was hired to design and complete the project. Not only are they making space for skateboards, bikes and scooters, but also disability compatibility for wheelchairs.

“There are not a lot of wheelchair riders in Indiana, but we are so excited to see that there is interest in including them and hopefully there will be more here,” co-owner and director of Hunger Skateparks, Christy Wieszhahn said.

Mayor Dan Ridenour, even voiced his support for the project in a statement.

 “A skatepark could provide a fun and outdoor activity for youth that is currently not available in Muncie,” Ridenour said.

Although money has been given to the project from city grants, fundraising efforts will be needed to completely finish the planned project. If you would like to donate, you can by going to this link.

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