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Muncie Mayor Makes Proclamation of Voter Registration Day

Mayor Dan Ridenour hosts the first celebration of voter registration day at city hall.

MUNCIE, Ind.--- The first National Voter Registration Day celebration was held in front of city hall Tuesday. 

The event featured booths to get involved in voter registration, along with assistance in getting registered. Chief Executive Officer of the YWCA of Central Indiana, WaTasha Barnes Griffin, helped host the event. 

“We know that voting is important,” Griffin said. “Things happen when people vote.”

The event served the purpose of answering the question ‘what’s the point?’ Delaware County, along with the state of Indiana have frequently put out low voter turnouts. Mayor Ridenour and his team strive to change that. 

“Elections are coming up,” Ridenour said. “It’s important that people are registered to vote and when they show up to vote, they know who they are voting for and are doing so legally.”

You can register to vote in the upcoming midterm elections by going to IndianaVoters.com. You can also register at city hall. Candidates in the upcoming election attended the event as well. Both Jeannine Lee Lake (D) and Sue Errington (D) shared why they believe voting is essential for democracy.

“While we have a democracy, it relies on people actually voting,” Errington said. “And registration is the first step in voting in this election.”

The Midterm elections will be on Tuesday, Nov. 8. To vote, you must be registered at least 15 days prior to voting.

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