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MADJAX fall workshops: Now until December 8th

MADJAX, in downtown Muncie, is hosting fall workshops for several art forms, including woodshop, pottery and digital storytelling

MUNCIE, Ind.--- MADJAX will be offering fall workshops for the next few months for people of all ages to attend. 

Different opportunities available include woodshop, pottery and digital storytelling. Each workshop will be hosted by different groups in the space. Tom Steiner is the instructor of woodshop at MADJAX and is looking forward to the possibilities these workshops will provide for the community. 

“I’ve always believed that everybody should make at least one thing in their life,’” Steiner said. “This is their opportunity to get their hands dirty and make something.” 

According to the MADJAX website, they offer workshops for any age and skill level (with some being specifically aimed at certain demographics). For example, digital storytelling is recommended for those in grades 7-12, while story telling pottery is recommended for those 55 and older. People are not required to be in these age ranges to participate in an activity.  

The cost of each workshop varies, dependent on the activity in question. Prices begin at $10 per person.  

“In life, there are some very tangible things that you can make and be proud of,” Steiner said. 

MADJAX will also be hosting the October Arts Walk on Thursday, Oct. 6 from 5-8 p.m. This is a free event, and all are welcome. Activities include carving pumpkins, live music and viewing the creations of local artists. 

Registrations for fall workshops are currently available at www.madjax.org. Space is limited. 


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