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Indiana Michigan Powers efforts to help those in Florida

Indiana Michigan Power crews gear up to help those in Florida

MUNCIE, Ind. — Newslink Indiana, Anna Chalker, spoke with Indiana Michigan Power’s Communication Representative, Corey Ohlenkhmp, about how the company is helping those in Florida who are affected by hurricane Ian.

“We know that power is a critical piece, everyone uses it day to day. There’s people in Florida without that right now, so we want to help out as much as we can,” Ohlenkhmp said. 

Two days ago, the company sent 350 workers to Florida. They come from locations all over Indiana and dispersed to the most-needed spots along Florida’s coast. 

“Our main goal in Florida is to coordinate with the operational utility company, Teco, to get the power restored. Some things we do are clearing trees and debris from the utility lines, repairing any damaged infrastructure and fix lots of wire spans and utility poles,” Ohlenkhmp said.

Crews will stay down in Florida for as long as they are needed in order to get everything cleaned up and the power restored in the affected area. 

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