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Cool temperatures linger on

Tonight: Breezy conditions will continue into the overnight hours. We could have some gusts up to 30MPH, so be sure to tie down any loose fall decorations you may have. These northwesterly winds will knock our temperatures into the lower 40s. Some outlying rural areas could dip into the upper 30s.

Tomorrow: Winds will die down by the time the sun rises, however, we still will be sitting in the 40s at 8AM. We won't warm up too much as we will top out at 63 by the evening.

Seven-Day Forecast: Below average temperatures for the next seven days. Those of you who have been wanting those cool, fall-like temperatures will definitely get what you've been asking for as temperatures sit in the 60s to lower 70s. A great weekend is in store as well for the Cardinal's home game on Saturday.

--Chief Weather Forecaster Hope Kleitsch

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