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Batman travels to local schools

Batman gives a motivational speech at Northview Elementary

Recently John Buckland, who is a part of the Hero's four Higher organization, gave his second annual speech at Northview Elementary. Since 2012, Buckland has put on the Batman costume and given speeches to local schools in hopes of making them realize they are capable, kind and compassionate humans. 

“I wanted to bring Batman to life for children because Batman is the story of turning pain into power. So now I teach the four steps to greatness everywhere I go. I dress up as Batman because it’s a character they can all relate to,” Buckland said.

Buckland started his career with Heros four Higher through the Muncie Senior Center and is happy he decided to take a chance with them. For his speeches he tailors them to each school he goes to, but always focuses his speech on the empowerment and capability of the audience.

“I focus on everything. Like never give up, always do the right thing, help other people and never bully. My assemblies cover a lot, but I always talk about bullying, don’t do drugs, suicide and school violence prevention,” Buckland said. 

Since he’s been touring schools and educating them on all life aspects, Buckland knows what he’s doing is making a difference. 

“The best part about this job is knowing that when I walk away from the school I’ve left something behind that will impact their lives and change the community for the better. Maybe it’ll save some lives or empower some kids,” Buckland said.

With 1500 schools and even more in his schedule, Buckland plans to continue his current career as long as possible.

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