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Acing for the record books

Yorktown one doubles team Ethan Darby and Raphael Sabijon.

YORKTOWN, Ind.- Located on the southwest side of Delaware County are two boys chasing a dream.

Seniors Ethan Darby and Raphael Sabijon are the one doubles team of boys’ tennis at Yorktown High School. The two have played with one another for the last three years and are 15-1 through their first 16 matches this season. And whether it’s chemistry or luck, these two tigers have been predators on the court.

Sabijon mentions how nice it is to be able to play alongside someone like Ethan this season. 

“Well I mean it’s been great,” Sabijon said. “Lots of times, especially this year, I’ve fallen short. Whether it’s shortcomings due to injuries or faults of my own and he usually makes up for that. So, it’s nice having him as a partner.”

“Our personality traits on the court are nearly opposite,” Darby said. “He kind of balances me out a little bit and it’s just great. I feel like our skills on the court also balance each other out, that’s why we’ve been able to do so well this season so far.”

Led by Ethan and Raphael, Yorktown is looking to dominate this postseason. The only problem: the team in their sectional that has won since 1993, the Delta Eagles. 

Head Coach Bob Darby is a former division one tennis player and played tennis at Delta High School. 

“From the standpoint of Boys Tennis… losing to Delta, 27 years in a row,” Darby said. “And we can’t get out of sectionals.”

Things are trending in the right direction for the tigers, as they prepare for the sectional tournament next week.

“Raph and I have been doing pretty good at getting that point for our team,” Darby said. “I’d really love to see the rest of our doubles lineup, and our singles do well in those matches too. Finish out the season strong.”

Another person who is optimistic about sectionals is Ethan’s father and head coach Bob Darby. 

“From a team standpoint, I think if we go into it believing that we can win as a team, I think it can happen. I think it can definitely happen,” Darby said.

A lot has changed since 1993, but the Yorktown Tigers are hoping to write history and become sectional champs once again. Sectionals will take place Sept. 28 and 29. 

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