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A Roller Coaster to Recovery

A quarterbacks long road to recovery

Muncie, Ind.– After two torn ACL’s since the start of his high school football career, Palmer Samuels is back on the field for his senior year, but under new circumstances.

Samuels original position was under center as a quarterback. His freshman year, Samuels was forced to sit out after he tore his ACL for the first time. After playing a full sophomore year, he played in a scrimmage just weeks before the season opener. The unthinkable happened again.

“Last summer, I was in a scrimmage. I was actually playing quarterback. I was throwing on the run and I threw. I planted and it felt like my knee exploded. I tore my ACL and my lateral meniscus,” Samuels said.

It was a long road to recovery as he spent his entire junior season on the sidelines cheering his teammates on. The support that he got from the team helped him regain his confidence to step foot onto the field again.

“It was very tough, especially in football because it’s my favorite sport. The help that I got from my athletic trainers, coaches, players and support that I got from my family helped me get through it,” Samuels said.

Head coach Chris Overholt, Samuels’ coach for the past four years, emphasized how great he is not only on the field, but off of it as well. 

“The type of kid that he is makes him really easy to root for. Everyone wants him to do well. Everyone wants him to be a guy to have a great senior season,” Samuels said.

This year, Samuels is back in his pads and knee brace but at a new position, running back. So far, he is averaging around 100 yards per game and two touchdowns per game. He has also won the Star Press Player of the Week award in the second week of the season..

“It’s awesome. I actually enjoy it a lot more than playing quarterback. There’s a lot less stress and you just run hard,” Samuels said.

With not even a full season at running back under his belt, Samuels is looking to play at the collegiate level as a running back after he graduates from Delta High School. 

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