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A new way keeping students safe in schools

A member of Legacy Life Security Solutions practicing an active shooter situation

MUNCIE, Ind.--- On Monday, school officials at Muncie Central High School searched in a student’s locker and found a handgun. The student was detained by school security officers, who are a part of a new security team introduced this year. 

Legacy Life Security Solutions, was created by Robert Scaife, a former school resource officer. This firm was created after an incident that created tension between students and the school resource officers at Central. That’s when Muncie Community Schools decided to try a new way of security. 

“We have been training and training,” Vivian Malone, Chief of security for Legacy Life Security Solutions said. “Our training does not stop.”

After many days of training in the summer, his team worked with University Police in active shooter training this weekend. The team’s focus is learning how to communicate with students when tensions rise. 

One difference in this team, they are not the typical school resource officers (SRO).

“The main difference is, we are not law enforcement. Most SROs are law enforcement or reserve officers, we are school safety officers,” Scaife said.

Scaife requires his team to do the same training provided by the state including firearms and physical fitness throughout the school year. They do not have arresting power, so in situations like the one Monday morning, the Muncie Police Department is called to make the arrest. 

But Scaife wants students to see more than the badge.

“A good SSO sees the whole just and not just the bad and what comes in,” Malone said. 

After the active shooter training, members of Legacy Life Security Solutions discussed how they will be going back to their schools, and learn every inch, to make them prepared for any situation.

“They are actually going to stop and make points on what’s there,” Malone said. 

When students walk into the doors every morning, these officers are there to make them feel safe, and to create relationships that can impact them for the future. Something even the corporation has started to notice. 

“We are extremely pleased with the job our school security officers are doing,” MCS Director of Public Education Dr. Lee Ann Kwiatkowski said. “They are building relationships with students, faculty, and staff, which is very noticeable, and they are doing a great job responding to different situations that need a security presence. They are well trained and always eager to help.” 

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