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Warm temperatures and light showers ahead

Tonight: Temps will settle in the high 40s with a low of 49 degrees. Winds will be calm at 5 mph from the North West and there is a chance of rain after midnight. The skies will be partly cloudy but clouds will start to build as the night goes on and eventually leads to rain come tomorrow.

Tomorrow: We will be expecting showers to open up the day tomorrow morning and that will be gently dissipating as the day goes on. Temperatures will start off in the low 50s and will reach at high of 73 by. From there they will fall back to a low of 60. For the Late Night Carnival Festival temps will be very comfortable in the high 60s with the sun attempting to come out under the partly cloudy skies. While I can't rule out a stray shower the chances are low.

7-Day Forecast: Saturday and Sunday are looking very favorable with highs in the low 80s! However both Saturday and Sunday are going to be very breezy with gusts of 30mph coming from the SW. Sunday night we will be keeping our eye on as a cold front moves through the area bringing a chance for storms. Rain will still be in the area for early Monday morning as they subside to temps in the low 60s. The rest of the week temperatures will fall in the mid to high 50s.

-Weather Forecaster Jack Van Meter

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