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Delta Softball rounding the bases

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) -- Delta Softball has been racking up a lot of runs at the start of the season. Over the first four games, the Eagles averaged over 11 runs per game. This has propelled them to have a 3-1 record. 

Senior pitcher Ellie Summers says having all of these runs pulled up gives the team confidence moving forward for the rest of the season

“Our hitting this season has given us a lot of confidence and it gives us confidence moving into every game," Summers said.

On Tuesday April 12, the Eagles hosted the Northeastern Knights looking to keep there run streak going and add another win to their record. The game was a back and forth affair until the sixth inning. The Knights took a one-point lead and were able to hold on until the end of the game. This was the closest and lowest scoring games for the Eagles all season. The Eagles taking their second loss of the season making their overall record 3-2. 

Head Coach Logan Lewis is teaching her team how to vouch back and come back from this loss.

“I tell them go home think about how that game went, but then we move on we put it aside and we come ready to play the next game," Lewis said.

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