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Muncie bar puts cap on sales

Empty Shelfs at a Columbus, OH liquor store due to the stop of Russian vodka sales

MUNCIE, Ind.--- The war in Ukraine is causing imports to be delayed or stopped in the U.S., one of those goods, alcohol.

Around the country, people are showing their support of Ukraine by stopping their sales of Russian vodka altogether.

According to the Distilled Spirits Council, 1.2% of alcohol in America is from Russia.

The North Carolina Alcohol Commission has stopped all sales of Russian liquor in the state, while cities like Las Vegas and Columbus, OH are disposing of the vodka in the streets.

The owners of the Heorot and Valhalla in downtown Muncie have stopped selling Russian vodka at their bars to show their support to Ukraine.

“I think as Russia expands military and as China goes to Taiwan in a few months, those are the things that show displeasure and maybe cause a little discomfort and support the people on the other side,” Stan Stephens, owner of the Heorot said.

Stephens has been selling Russian vodka for 15 years, but as tensions rise overseas, he says this decision came quickly and is symbolic to how he wants to show his support.

“It’s a way for the individual person to show displeasure with what the government is doing,” Stephens said.

Stephens does not know of any other bars in Muncie stopping sales of Russian vodka but he will not be putting it back on his shelves for the time being.

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