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Minnetrista invites community to free seed library

The Free Seed Library stands in the garden of Minnetrista. Inspired by the Little Free Libraries around Muncie, its goal is to encourage sharing amongst the city.

MUNCIE, Ind.-- The vibrant Minnetrista has always strived to be part of the center for the Muncie community. Now, the people of Muncie have yet another reason to visit their gorgeous grounds. From the Nature Area to the Bob Ross Experience, there’s something for everyone at Minnetrista’s museum and gardens. Yet another contribution to the horticulture experience has been the Free Seed Library, an initiative designed to help the city of Muncie get in touch with the greener side of things.

“Use this as a point of contact for the community to gain help in gardening and sort of facilitate that gardening throughout the community,” Lead Horticulture Specialist Austin Weiland said.

After a year of being open, Weiland says the library is finally ready to serve as a helping point for community connection. The idea for the Free Seed Library is when a resident takes information, they provide something of their own, similar to the Little Free Library boxes around Muncie. 

“We really used this first year to kind of test it out, to see what worked and what didn’t. Any problems that might have come around, we tried to address those…took some time to realize that communication is good there,” Weiland said.

But it’s not just seeds that citizens can find in the showcase. Items such as catalogs, envelopes, and labeling supplies are all features. People can access the Free Seed Library whenever they like to borrow tools, donate seeds or just to learn something new about plants.

Weiland adds, “We have a plethora of seeds this year and we’re basically trying to get them out into the community. Anyone that can and will use these seeds is welcome to take them. If they have extra, they can drop them off for other people to use.”

Minnetrista is always willing to accept donations of catalogs, horticulture encyclopedias, envelopes, pens, chalk and other additional tools for organizing the library. Donations can be dropped off at the Free Seed Library or at the Office of Horticulture across the street from Minnetrista at 216 W St Joseph Street.

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