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Delaware County Master’s Gardening prepares for summer childrens' camps

Maring-Hunt Library collaborates with Master’s Gardening

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) --- Due to COVID-19, Master’s Gardening Association has previously held virtual gardening camps for children. This June, they will be welcoming back in-person gardening camps for children ages five to 11 years old.

Co-chair for the camp, Dottie Kreps, explains her passion for gardening by stating “I’ve grown up gardening with my family and I was extremely interested in being a part of this great organization and I enjoy working with kids. To combine the organization and kids is just amazing”.

Kreps explains that they are planning on updating their Facebook page sometime in April with applications for the mini Master’s Gardening camps.

“We are currently in the preliminary stages and we are having a committee meeting to select the camps topics and then we will decide the education comments for the camps”.

According to the Kreps, they are already getting prepared for a large outcome of children to attend the camps, especially being back in-person.

For more information on the mini Master’s gardening camps this summer, check out the Master Gardens Facebook page for updates and their website delcomastergarden.org.

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