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Counseling room helps students cope with Ukraine invasion worries

Ball State students find new ways to deal with stress and anxiety

MUNCIE, Ind. -- Ball State University is home to many different resources in helping students and staff. One of which is the Resource and Relaxation Room on campus that has many different ways for students to destress.

Associate Director for Outreach Consultation and Psychologist Ellen Lucas says the relaxation room is open to any and all people on campus.

Mental Stability is also a big factor for Lucas when it comes to all the tension going on overseas. The invasion of Ukraine has some Ball State students stressed and uneasy.

Freshman Shawn Thomas believes being active on social media platforms can help.

“I think raising awareness through social media is super important and being able to help out as much as we can as they are all going through such a hard time,” Thomas said.

Students like Thomas are looking to find ways to overcome the obstacles of stress and anxiety.

Ellen Lucas, associate director for outreach and consultation services at Ball State University, suspects that the timing of stress relieving activities is valuable.

“Finding some time in between classes or on a break is the best ways for people to make themselves feel better,” Lucas said.

The space is located in room 310-A of Lucina Hall and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.