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Women’s tennis competing against nonstop competition

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) --- Ball State women’s tennis have been competing in matches left and right all season long.

With their busy schedule that they have had to endure, head coach Max Norris nails the point to his players to keep their heads up high.

“I think the game plan was just to embrace the opportunity because you will have to play back-to-back matches at some point if you want to win a championship,” Norris said.

The ladies have been displaying countless positivity with one another as they plan on continuing their dominance into the next matches.

“I think we sent a good message to other teams that we can stay consistent and just keep working and it was important for us today," sophomore Masha Polishchuk said.

“Of course it’s tiring but I think we did a good jo pplaying those matches. We’re in good shape right now all of us, so yeah we’re just being here for each other," freshman Elena Malykh said.

Being able to go out and be prepared for whatever comes their way is very key for this team as they plan to push forward into the outdoor season.

“We try to get outside as soon as we possibly can because we want to develop the ability to go in or out at a moment’s notice. So, it’s like almost baking that into their strategic understanding like that’s actually apart of winning is being prepared for either surface," Norris said.

The ladies have a tough slate of matches as they travel to face the lady toppers of Western Kentucky and the blue raiders of Middle Tennessee this weekend.

Their next matchup at home is Feb. 27 against Youngstown State University.

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