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Muncie Central High School mascot celebrates 100th birthday

Beau the Bearcat stands on the sidelines cheering on the Bearcats

MUNCIE, Ind.---A birthday celebration like no other, the Muncie Central mascot Beau the Bearcat turns 100 years old.

“In 1962 they asked a student to actually dress up as the mascot and have a physical representation,” Bearcat Wrangler AR Abrams-Rains said.

At the Muncie Central vs Harrison basketball game, past bearcats were recognized at half time. One bearcat in attendance was the first ever physical mascot, Nancy Winkle.

“It’s an experience I will never ever forget,” Winkle said.

When at Muncie Central High School, people can go inside the memorabilia room to take a dive into the history of the school and the mascot. Winkle searched the room for the state championship she cheered for in 1963, remembering the memories.

“It was extremely fun, and it was more than fun, this team made it that way,” Winkle said.

When students step into the role as Beau, it gives them the chance to express themselves in ways they would never imagine.

“It’s a good way for a student who is shy to participate and to be a part of something and still feel comfortable,” Abrams-Rains said.

All past bearcats remember their times differently, but they all share the same excitement of stepping on the court every single game.

“It’s something you hold in your heart and never forget it,” Winkle said.

A tradition Muncie Central plans to keep, even for another 100 years.

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