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Muncie Central High School has e-learning day following peaceful protest

<p>Muncie Central High School entrance: <em>Patrick Murphy // DN File</em><br/></p>

Muncie Central High School entrance: Patrick Murphy // DN File

MUNCIE, Ind.(NewsLink) -- Muncie Central High School had an e-learning day Tuesday after a peaceful protest took place at the school Monday, according to a statement by the school district.

The school system said the protest started after a class project in which students made posters that showed social issues they were concerned about. The posters were displayed in one of the high school's hallways and started a disruption between a student and a school resource officer. According to the statement, the student and many other observers found the disruption offensive.

The teacher who started the project was then asked to move the posters into her classroom and invite visitors into there to view them, rather than have the posters displayed publicly. This inspired many students to organize the peaceful protest that took place in the school's student center, the statement said.

At the protest, many students voiced their concerns and engaged in discussions with school and district officials. The statement notes that no other outside organization, including local police, was involved with the protest.

"Muncie Community Schools takes the concerns of our students and parents very seriously, and will continue to
look into the incident," said the schools in their statement. "Once the investigation is complete, the district will make its findings known."

The district said the school will be back in person on Wednesday.