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Rain transitioning to fall

Another beautiful day today across. Plenty of sunshine with some clouds mixed in, and temperatures up into the high 70's. Expect to see those beautiful conditions begin to change over the next 12 hours as clouds begin to roll in to the area.

Tonight: Clouds continuing to move into the area overnight tonight. We saw sunshine for most of the day today, with clouds rolling in shortly before the sun started to set. Mild temperatures tonight, dropping down to 68 under cloudy skies. Winds are beginning to pick up a little bit. SSW 10 mph with some gusts up to 20 mph through out the evening tonight and tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Cloudy skies for most of the day tomorrow with rain pushing into the area through out the later afternoon hours. Heavier showers moving into the area around 4pm. A couple of those showers could bring some heavy downpour's and a rumble or 2 of thunder can not be ruled out as well.

7-Day Forecast: Rainy conditions to end the week, followed by cooler than average temperatures struggling to get into the 60's for the weekend. Getting up to only 58 on Saturday but plenty of sunshine for many days to follow. Then right back to the upper 60's and lower 70's to begin the week next week with yet again plenty of sunshine.

-Weather Forecaster Adam Feick