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Beginning of sweater weather

Another beautiful day across the area today. Plenty of sunshine throughout the day, but we did see our first frost of the season this morning. That is all thanks to the colder temperatures we have been seeing.

Tonight: Increasing clouds throughout the evening tonight. Dropping down to 46 with light winds. So it will still be chilly this evening but not as cold as it was this morning. So it might not be a bad idea to grab a sweater or sweatshirt as you head out the door in the morning.

Tomorrow: High of 56 with rain moving into the area tomorrow morning by sunrise. Expect to see rain for most of the day tomorrow. For Muncie and the Indy area expect to see the heaviest of the rainfall around dinner time and Northern Indiana you will see your heaviest rain late Tomorrow evening.

7-Day Forecast: Rain to end the week, with showers through the day tomorrow and on Friday. Expect to see those showers clearing out by Saturday morning. Beautiful day with sunshine on Sunday for Halloween, but don't expect to see that sunshine stick around for long. Cloud skies will return for the day on Monday as well on Tuesday. By midweek on Wednesday, we will have another chance to see some rain.

-Weather Forecaster Adam Feick