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The continuing battle of summer vs fall

Another beautiful day across the area. Plenty of sunshine but temperatures still on the warmer side. Got up to 80 degrees today, but thanks to lower dew points. didn't feel like full force summer


Cool fall like evening tonight, dropping down to 54 under clear skies. That's good news for fall lovers. Sunshine during the day today but cool and clear during the evening. These are 2 keep factors for a beautiful looking fall.


Another beautiful day tomorrow. On the cooler side to start the day. So you may need a sweatshirt or a thin jacket as you head out the door, but you wont need it by later in the afternoon. Temperatures rising as well as some clouds building for the afternoon before we reach our high 79 tomorrow late afternoon.

7-Day forecast:

Beautiful for the next couple of days to end the week, but I am tracking some showers throughout the weekend and into early next week. Showers rolling into the area Saturday afternoon and evening, with a chance for an all day rain on Sunday, ending on Monday morning. A couple showers may linger around into Tuesday, but most areas will remain dry. With the return of Sunshine and warming Temperatures on Wednesday.