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Bracken Library officials still assessing lower level after water main ruptures

<p><strong>Brooke Kemp, DN File</strong></p>

Brooke Kemp, DN File

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) -- Almost a week and a half after a water main broke at Ball State's Bracken Library, officials are still assessing the lower level after flooding closed the building for more than a week.

The building was evacuated on Sept. 5 due to water being seen pooling outside the main doors. It reopened on Sept. 13 with the lower level still closed.

Repairs have scaled back in the past few days, however. Students can now enter through the north doors, although some nearby sidewalks remain under repair.

Tiko Brisker is an employee of the library's Unified Media Technology support and had to work remotely during the closure.

"I have stuff at my desk that I use to help my work with working with computers and stuff like that. So it was kind of an inconvenience because I couldn't get that stuff directly without going through other parties. So, it kind of made it a little bit harder to get stuff done. I wouldn't say it was the worst thing ever, but it did definitely impact me in some ways," Brisker said.

NewsLink Indiana reached out to university officials regarding a time frame of when they expect repairs to be completed. They said that they are still assessing the situation and will have more information in the coming days.