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Weekend rain leads to mild week ahead

After a rainy past couple of days, we are going to start to see a mix of sun and clouds over the next couple of days. Temperatures have also cooled down a little bit from the 70's and 80's we saw last week, down to the April average of mid 60's. We did see some rain showers move through the area this morning leading to cloudy skies for the morning hours. Expect to see the cloud cover decrease as the day goes on.

Tonight: Dropping down to 41 degrees tonight under mostly clear skies. Expect to see the overnight lows drop as the week goes on. In the 40's tonight but over the next couple of days, we could see low temperatures drop down to the mid to upper 30's.

Tomorrow: Pretty nice day tomorrow with temperatures reaching up into the mid 60's with sunshine for the day. A Cooler start to the morning so you might need a sweatshirt as you head out the door, but warming up to 65 by the afternoon.

7-Day Forecast: No rain in the forecast for the next couple, but we will see a pattern develop with sunshine one day and cloudy skies the next. Decreasing clouds as the day goes on today before a weak cold front moves through late Tuesday bringing cooler temperatures and more clouds Wednesday and Thursday. Sunshine returns Friday but will be overtaken by cloudy skies over the weekend.

-Weather Forecaster Adam Feick