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The Muncie Street Problem Reporting Hub celebrates one-year anniversary

MUNCIE, IN. -- Nearly 800 potholes have been reported to The Muncie Street Problem Reporting Hub, as it passes its one-year anniversary.

"I think it's been really helpful for us, both for reporting and all the internal uses but also trying to make it a little more accessible for the public," said City Engineer Brian Stephen-Hotopp.

You can report more than potholes on the app - the website allows you to choose from a list of street issues like a heavy snow and ice, debris and other problems that can be fixed by the Muncie Street Department.

You can also vote on streets and issues you'd like to be prioritized.

Ball State student Katie Doyle said that she thinks allowing an online option to report issues to the city is more user-friendly.

"I guess it'd just be faster to fix up any potholes that are really bad," Doyle said.

There have been over 260 requests for over 200 locations. Hotopp noted that he thinks the website has made the process more effective and allows his team to be able to follow-up with residents who file a complaint.

After filing a request, you can follow the progress being done from the website, as well.

You file a report, vote on what you want fixed, or check the progress of a project here.