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Meet 3D - A new digital platform developed at Ball State University

MUNCIE, Ind. (Newslink) -- With only six weeks left in the spring semester of 2021, students are experiencing zoom fatigue. 

However, there may be a solution to the burnout of online meetings. Meet3D is an online digital platform that allows users to choose avatars and a virtual environment for the background of the meeting.

The backgrounds can range from a company logo on the wall to a virtual field trip to the moon. 

The augmented reality allows for a 3D experience for users who are used to the 2D realm on online meetings.

Developer of Meet3D and Director of the Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts at Ball State John A. Fillwalk said the goal of Meet3D is to “give yourself some kind of feeling of being in the presence of other people when we can’t.”

While currently the program is being used in grants and with other institutions, Fillwalk sees a future beyond that. 

“I’d love to do that (Meet3D) at Ball State, as well,” said Fillwalk. 

Students like Scott Norris, sophomore at Ball State University, also hope to see more of Meet3D incorporated in online learning.

“It would make it more entertaining, and you could be able to stay awake longer cause you could look at the different backgrounds,” said Norris.

According to Norris, he has experienced zoom fatigue and has even fallen asleep during a zoom meeting.

Fillwalk believes the goal of Meet 3D is to meet socially but still virtually, as well.

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