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Construction off McKinley for new STEM building

MUNCIE, Ind. -- For the 2020-2021 school year, students will be passing construction off McKinley for the new Foundational Science Building. 

The building will be focused for STEM majors, specifically biology and chemistry.

There will be a mix of biology and chemistry on each floor, featuring a vivarium in the basement and an aquatics lab. 

"The plan was to build two separate buildings, one for the College of Health and one for what is more the STEM related fields," said James Low, Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning and Management.

Going up just south of the Health Professions Building that opened less than a year ago, the placement purpose is to keep STEM students who often use the Health Professions Building nearby and to hopefully push after class traffic toward the village. 

The $87 million funding for the Foundational Science Building was provided by budgeting from the State of Indiana as was the approximately $62 million used for the Health Professions building.

It's expected to be finished around June of 2021 and be fully functional for students in the fall semester of 2021.
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