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Ball State to play Iowa State due to schedule changes

MUNCIE, Ind.(NewsLink) - Ball State Athletics announced that they will add Iowa State to their 2020 football schedule after both teams had games get cancelled.

The Big 10 announced earlier this month that teams in the conference will not be allowed to play any non-conference games. 

Ball State was supposed to play Michigan on Sept. 12, and Iowa State was supposed to play the Iowa Hawkeyes on the same date. With both teams losing their Big 10 opponents for that date, the schools decided to make the change and play each other.

This will be the second time in history the two went head to head. The last time the two schools faced off was in 1998 ending in a Cyclones victory 38-0. 

Head coach Mike Neu believes this will be a great opportunity for the Cardinals.

“We are thrilled to secure a Power 5 opponent for our fall schedule,” Coach Neu said.

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