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Ball State Learning Center encourages students to take advantage of tutoring

MUNCIE, Ind.(NewsLink) - The Ball State Learning Center is a resource for students to take advantage of as the spring semester is kicking into gear. 

Jennifer Haley, the director, talked about the best way to take advantage of the resource.

“We encourage students to be proactive, near the beginning of the semester it is important for students to get a tutor for that tough class on their schedule,” Haley said. 

Haley also said studies show that students using these services are more likely to graduate on time. 

“The learning center is important for students because it helps students to learn more about their classes and get better grade outcomes,” she said.

Located in the North Quad, room 350, you can get all of the academic support you need. The Learning Center offers free tutoring for any class from math to english. You can also acquire appointment based tutoring, satellite math drop-in tutoring, academic coaching, testing services for students with disabilities and supplemental instruction. 

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