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Yorktown opened controversial new town hall

YORKTOWN, Ind. (Newslink) - While Yorktown residents gathered to celebrate the official opening of the new $2.8 million town hall, for some Yorktown residents, this building was once not something to celebrate.

Just a year ago, this building’s plans were released, striking controversy between those in favor of a new town hall and those knowing that they may lose a little more. Last November, NewsLink Indiana spoke with one woman who felt she was losing it all.

“Anything that happened over the last 20 years probably happened here,” said Janice Ross, a Yorktown resident.

Ross was forced out of her home to make room for the new town hall. Other residents, like Ross, were faced with the same reality. Many took to Facebook to voice their opinions, adding comments to the city’s public pages.

But a year later, following this town hall’s build, city officials are looking to bring Yorktown residents everything they promised.

“I think any time there’s a new public building, you’re trying to reassure people that this is for long-term benefit,“ said Pete Olson, Town Manager of Yorktown.

According to Olson, the new building allows the entire team to stay under just one roof, rather than three. In the previous building, the administrations were split up into divided buildings. Now, they are able to remain altogether.

The building itself is just one piece of the town’s current $12 million redevelopment plan.

“It’s a nice key stone to our downtown,” noted Olson. The building will soon begin being used for city events.

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